Ski touring – a winter activity, which annually receives many new fans around the world and finally found its place in our mountains.

Why is this so? Hard to say ... Everybody must try first and figure out himself. Most people will agree that skitouring brings them especially freedom of movement - peace and a sense of satisfaction when climbing a hill, from where there are beautiful views of the mountains. You do not need to stand in line for the lift, you don´t need to spend money for the ski pass, you simply just relax – you start at the foothill of the mountains and go beyond the crowds that flock to the ski resort.

Skitouring - what is it actually? Eeveryone see it as something else. In general, this is basically about walking on skis, which are provided with special climbing skins against slipping while walking uphill, and additionally specially modified bindings, which allows walking - that has the feature to release the heel, while the tip is firmly attached to the movable on the ski. On the downhill part you just attache your heel into the binding and ski down like on regular alpine skis.

FUN ski touring

This group of people consists of mountain enthusiasts and families who seek for a relaxed trip on the mountains with several stops at mountain huts and viewpoints. Often spending time sunbathing and enjoying the winter landscape.

CLASSIC ski touring

Here you will find the right mountain wolves disappeared in the mountains with a full field equipment and climbing surrounding peaks, rappeling to narrow inaccessible gorges and spending the night on the mountain huts - traversing mountain ranges criss cross.

FITNESS ski touring

A relatively new and frequent phenomenon - this group of people like the phyzical exercise, but they are often limited in time – mostly people who work late and don´t have much time, but still want to work out at the mountains and get fitter. They often arrive to the mountain in the dark with a headlamp, rush up the hill and ski down quickly.

RACING ski touring

Touring races are very popular and annually attracts a lot of people. This sector is very specific mainly on the technical side, because the race equipment must be as light as possible - competitors set off on the track in elastic overalls with ultralight equipment. Races have very demanding profile and often contain technical disciplines such as abseiling, rope climbing, etc. In addition there is mandatory prescribed equipment, which must each carry with them.

FREERIDE ski touring

This sector enjoys great popularity - the main goal is to hike up to where the right and untouched powder snow is. Skis are adapted to deep snow - they are broader, and in recent years have so-called "Powder rocker" which maket he skis float in the deep snow. The equipment weighs a little more, but that's the price you pay for an amazing experience in the deep powder snow.


Each form of skitouring brings remarkable experience and pleasure. However, It is important to remember,that you are moving in a changing mountain enviroment and it is therefore necessary to think of safety and a happy return home !! Never underestimate the power of the mountains ..!!