10 basic safety rules

  1. Never go alone!
  2. Always check the weather and avalanche forecats before you start your trip. Ask some reliable (local) person about the route or area you are planning to explore.
  3. Never forget complete avalanche equipment: avalanche transceiver, avalanche shovel, probe and cell phone (each member must have the complete set). Where the snow is very deep, never use safety straps on your ski binding or straps on your poles.
  4. Avoid areas with deep snow at least the next three days after a big snowfall.
  5. Do not ski off-piste and deep snow without well-rehearsed rescue, including first aid, and without the ability to use correctly the avalanche and rescue equipment.
  6. Use airbag systems, but don´t rely on it completely - it might lead to an underestimation of risk.
  7. Keep a safe distance between you and your friends both during ascent and descent, so the potential risk in the critical moments get limited only to one person at a time.
  8. Avoid areas with deep overblown snow (ie. Cushions) on the leeward slopes.
  9. If possible, use the same route for descent which you´ve used for ascent , so you know better the status of the snowpack and terrain.
  10. In case of doubt or even foreboding - always say no!